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GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) Is established in 1997 by European retailers and supermarkets in order to prove that agricultural products they sell are safe and harmless to human health. Nowadays, it becomes a world-wide approved global standard. 70-80% of the major retailers and producers in Europe are members of GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP)  and they are registered.            

GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) standard can be applied both individual farmers and group of producer/farmer (e.g. cooperatives, major exporters, packaging facilities etc.). It is expected from the producer/farmer groups to comply with Quality Management System documentation requirements and to represent capabilities of managing the connections among producers.

Globally accepted  GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP)  general requirement scopes are as follows:


GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) Fruit & Vegetable General Requirements cover agricultural production period from sowing of the plant (seed) to packed product (final product).  Requirements do not contain hard conditions like the ones for organic food production. For example, use of agricultural pesticides is forbidden in organic food production, whereas the use of chemicals are expected to be in compliance with the label instructions for GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) requirements.

Today main super and hypermarkets like TESCO, MIGROS, METRO, COOP, ASDA, KESKO require the application of GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) standard. 

QA TEQNIC INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION  provides professional audit and certification service with experienced  GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP)  auditors.

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